Nintendo HES (H.E.S – Home Entertainment Suppliers) FULL Unlicensed PAL List

Home Entertainment Suppliers (HES) is an Australian company that distributes video games and accessories. HES ported over various games to the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) for companies such as American Game Cartridges, American Video Entertainment (AVE), Bit Corp, Color Dreams, Epyx, Thin Chen Enterprise (Sachen, Joy Van, etc.) and Tengen as unlicensed titles. Back in the […]

Dreamcast Dreaming – A Time to Reminisce

I think it’s taken way too long for Dreamcast games to come to present-day consoles. This wasn’t a console that just disappeared into nothingness amid its maker’s demise as a hardware manufacturer. Such was the popularity of the Dreamcast that developers were still releasing games deep into last decade. Its popularity amongst hardcore gamers, I […]

Red Faction: A Retrospective Do game nights still exist?

Today was a sad day for gaming – THQ announced that they would finally be laying the long running Red Faction series to rest after poor sales with the latest release Red Faction: Armageddon. Let’s take a look at a series that made the transition from a groundbreaking first-person shooter to a 3rd person combat […]