MoeMan’s Retro Gaming Collection travels

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It was a while ago when I bought the original Xbox only to enjoy retro games via Roms, even though I was reliving my childhood games it still didn’t feel proper, it was then I made the decision to start to pile up on the original hardware.

It’s been about a year and a half since I started to get back into retro gaming, the proper way, and eventually onto collecting. I made my first purchase then and haven’t looked back since, actually I have been looking back; back to the good old days, and playing these games would spark up a memory and reminisce when pixels were the way to go.

My first purchase was an NES along with 8 games, spent hours across the selection of games I had, and the best part about it was that my kids were enjoying the exact same game as I did at their age, being a gamer all my life and seeing the amazing transition between then and now is amazing, and now my kids get to experience the foundation of gaming just as I did.

From then on I kept expanding, from NES to Sega Saturn, to Gamecube to the Sega Dreamcast, just hasn’t stopped since. Along the way I got to understand the value of these games, even the story these games told, not referring to the actual story line of the game, but the actual game cartridge itself, from when it was first purchased to now, and how many owners and consoles have these carts been through and even the condition of these old games.

Along my way in collecting I have had some luck in finding some games in real good condition and even hardware that doesn’t appear that often, such as my Street Fighter II SNES console boxed and in great condition, its even a great feeling when you find that one game you been after for a while, and finding it in the least place you expected, even finding that game at a lower price…..

Not too long ago I have decided to go for the entire Pal-A library on NES I am now a little closer to the halfway mark and still far from the end, and it’s not going to be an easy journey as there are games that are exclusive to a few countries, and even rare games that don’t appear as often.

So the buying and trading continues as I hunt and tick these games off my list.

Even now developers are releasing games for systems that are 20 years old, yes that’s right, Nightmare Busters is due for release next year on the SNES, wonder how many more will be in the making.

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