The 50 best NES games of all time!

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Play Super Mario Bros., Contra, Battletoads and other 8-bit hits!

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia


Classic platformer about a boy and its accompanying drop-snowman, who together are trying to save the planet of Blobolonia from an evil dictator. The gameplay combines platforming and puzzles. Drop has different properties to help you in passing. To activate them, use different particles, which are scattered in each level. With their help, you can make drops a ladder, a parachute and more.

Adventure Island II


The first part of this platforming is not particularly original. The second was more diverse in terms of gameplay, but in principle, everything remained in their places, playing for the rosy-cheeked fat man, you fight bad guys to save his girl. Along the way, you ride around on dinosaurs with different abilities and eat huge amounts of fruit.

Batman: The Video Game


A worthy incarnation of the story about Batman published by the 1989 movie. Gotham is full all trash and the Dark knight have to go to the streets and clean them. Batman copes with enemies in close combat, but he also has special weapons with a limited supply — gun discs and boomerangs. And the Man-bat can climb up, clinging to walls like Ninja Gaiden hero, Ryu. The game is complex not yielding to the above mentioned Ninja Gaiden.



Classic, just classic! One of the most graphically advanced games on the platform that combines, in addition to the arcade gameplay, and more high-speed motorcycle racing, flying and more. Toad fighter rush, you are, saves the story of his friend Pimple and his girlfriend Princess Anjelica. The difficulty, of course, rolls and co-op don’t really help the situation.

Bionic Commando


One of the first platformers, departed from the proven formula of “run and jump”. Oddly enough, the game has no jump — instead, you will move around the level using biomechanical hands — devices that allow to cling to the platform and swaying to move. The game also has different types of weapons to deal with enemies.

Blaster Master


Amazing platformer game with elements of shooter with the top view. In the story, following his frog Fred, the main character looked into a hole in the backyard and got into the underground labyrinth infested with radioactive mutants. Fortunately, he manages to find an armored vehicle is SOPHIA, which is relatively safe to move around, because it is equipped with powerful Blaster (you drive to main locations). The game is very challenging bosses, which you fight in a pilot, but after defeating them you will receive upgrades for this vehicle.

Bubble Bobble


Platformer with puzzle elements and a representative of the simple, but devastatingly exciting games. Two dragons Bub and Bob deal with the various monsters by placing them in bubbles. You can play together, to travel through tough mazes were fun, though alone you are unlikely to get bored.



Masterpiece Saga about the vampire hunter Simon Belmont wielding a whip is not worse than Indiana Jones. To work around, but not with Nazisю Except for the carrot you will have various additional weapons: axes, boomerangs, knives, Holy water — each with its own characteristics. Despite the fact that Castlevania was also released on the dawn of the era of the NES, it is pleasing atmospheric soundtrack and excellent graphics. You will enjoy plenty of them, since the game is quite difficult to pass.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest


After a successful first part, the developers have deviated from the traditional concept of a side-scroller and Simon’s Quest is more like a RPG. Belmont travels in the surrounding area of Transylvania, collecting particles Dracula needed to lift the curse. In the game there is inventory, various items, system upgrades and even the change of day and night. From your actions, and in particular, time spent in transit depends on the ending, which the game somewhat. Only by doing everything right, you can get the best of them.

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


For the third (and last released on the NES) part Castlevania, Konami took the best of two games: an atmospheric soundtrack and mechanics side-scroller from the first part, and nonlinear gameplay with multiple endings — from the second. The result was a masterpiece of Castlevania series on the NES. The events unfolding after a couple of centuries and the main character of the game is the descendant of the dynasty of Belmont — Trevor. In the course of his travels, he meets three other fighters with evil spirits, which are also playable (one of them can take). This part of the series has no less complexity than the previous one, but this does not spoil her.



Gorgeous, timeless shooter at all times. With it many associated Dandy. The 80s was the era where in games all operated cinematic cliches muscular tough guys with big guns. In Contra we play for two guys fighting with a terrorist organization “Red Falcon”. At your disposal a bunch of weapons you have to attack with many enemies, levels and bosses.



Excellent game very similar in mechanics and gameplay with Legend of Zelda, but different in detail. Compared to other, more famous role-playing games with the NES, Crystalis stands out storyline swirling around the mad of an alloy of science fiction and fantasy. Later Nintendo bought the rights to the original game and SNK ported it to Game Boy Color 10 years later.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge


When the first part of Double Dragon was ported to the NES, the developers have missed one very important detail, as it is essential to the successful games beat’em up — the NSA. In the second part of this defect was corrected and it was another masterpiece of the classic era of video games. Billy and Jimmy Lee, the twin dragons taking revenge on the members of the gang for the death of his beloved Billy. In the second part, added new moves, but was higher and complexity — added many new enemies. Between the levels you are waiting for the story inserts, and after the final boss beautiful titles.

Dragon Warrior


One of the first RPG for the NES, along with Final Fantasy, in which you can improve a number of characteristics of the player. The plot is classic, you valiant knight, your Kingdom is in danger, the Princess is in the hands of the evil dragon. Despite such platitudes, the game is pleased with their depth, hours of gameplay and soundtrack.

Duck Hunt


A murderous game, which is popular due to the fact that she often was in the various “Novogrudok”. She had a meaningless and repetitive gameplay that the perception can be compared to Angry Birds. A highlight in the monotony of shooting ducks added that shot you with light gun. Also “stretched” the game arrogant dog that mocked your failures, and that I wanted to shoot (sorry, this was impossible). Of all the “pistol” games, Duck Hunt was the most popular.

Duck Tales


Games based on popular cartoons and movies are doomed to success, because they will buy just to extend the joy of their favorite characters. Duck Tales, published on the popular 80s animated series “ducktales” was both easy and fun. Playing for Uncle Scrooge, you traveled to various levels (non-linear gameplay!), in an attempt to collect all of the treasures of the world. Yes, it’s a normal platformer, but what!



One of the 18 titles available at the time of the release of the NES, did not cause anything but delight. Crazy racing motorcycles on the track with crazy obstacles and the same rivals. In addition to slipping on dirt and overtaking opponents, you still need to monitor the engine temperature, so as not to overheat it. When have completed all of the track, it was possible to have fun creating your own editor. A masterpiece!



Faxanadu has not caused much interest during its release, but this did not prevent him from becoming a cult classic. The game is the story offshoot of the popular RPG series Dragon Slayer. It was not the height of creativity and innovation, however, had a large map of the world World tree containing all the villages and castles. From other games of the time Faxanadu was different graphics, or rather colors instead of variegated colours were muted and Gothic earthy tones. For game mechanics, it can be compared with the second part of the Zelda and Castlevania series.

Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy did for the RPG genre more than GoldenEye 007 and later will do for FPS shooters. The game took all the best from its counterparts, like Dragon Warrior, with noticeable improvements in many of their elements such as random battles and the world map. Was added to classes that will be obligatory in future games. Later, the original Final Fantasy has spawned a series of games on various consoles that extend to this day.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins


The game has incredible difficulty and filled with different monsters so that many players were even afraid to start playing it or have dropped the idea after a couple of attempts. Complexity really rolls — evil in the face of zombies, ghouls and skeletons rushing at you from all sides, and you die from just two blows. Safe places in the game just yet, at any point on the screen at any moment might pop up monster and kill you. Oh yeah, if you still have enough courage and perseverance to reach the final boss and kill him — I want everyone to breathe and sit down to complete the game will have to go again!



Stunning space scrolling shooter from Konami. The game features a developed system of powerups that allowed you to choose your path of improvement that fit your style of playing (full defense, or a fierce attack). Starting with a tiny weak ship, you gradually turn him into the perfect fighting machine, able to withstand countless enemies and huge bosses at the end of each level.



The game was released three years after the popular action movie “Rambo: First blood” and her story was also tied to the rescue prisoners of war. Unlike Stallone with his huge Arsenal of weapons and explosive arrows, the player had a jeep with a heavy machine gun and rocket launcher. You rush into enemy territory, clearing a path and find the building with the hostages. To rescue them, seated in his jeep and drove to the point where they must pick up the helicopter. The game is quite complicated and, unlike Rambo working alone you to better cope with the enemy, together with a partner.

Kid Icarus


The release of Kid Icarus took place simultaneously with Metroid and, while the latter became a hit, creating a lot of sequels and spinoffs, Kid Icarus quietly took its place on the shelves with the classics. This game was quite difficult because of the endless movement of the screen after the slightest jump and cause difficulties with the calculation of the landing point. It also complicates the process that most moving platforms were extremely narrow and to get to them was very hard. Icarus flew too high and fell to the ground, scorched by the sun, however, his flight seems a cakewalk compared to this game.

Kirby’s Adventure


This fun platformer on the super-balls can be considered the Swan song of the NES, support for which was discontinued a couple of years after the release of Kirby’s Adventure. The roots Kirby originate from the Game Boy, where the main character runs, jumps, enemies and absorbs their abilities in all the seven worlds Dreamland’. The game is just stunning at the time (and the console features) graphics with smooth animation and effects. It was the first but not the last, full-color game about Kirby.



“Now 90 and this is the time for Klax,” say the developers from the main faucet. This is true, the 90s were the best years for games with “Tetris-like” gameplay and none of them resembles Tetris as much as Klax. Game mechanics are simple but that’s the beauty of these games and this Klax even more fun. Collect the falling colored blocks from the conveyor and arranging them in piles, to prevent fill.

Kung Fu


Monotonous and plain fun, are so similar in this regard to Duck Hunt. The game originates from the old arcade title the Kung-Fu Master, later ported to many consoles, including the NES. However, with the loss of the word Master in the title, the game is lost and part of the gameplay. We have five “corridor” levels through which you must pass, ” weighed” slap left and right. Passed them all, you will get the same levels, only with higher complexity. Nevertheless, it has become a classic, thanks to an early beat’em up elements and popular genre — martial arts.

Life Force


After the rampant success of Gradius sequel was inevitable. It was a spin-off of the original version under the name of Salamander, as it was released in the arcade and later ported to consoles. On the NES game, in turn, received another name — the Life Force. Once again you find yourself in the cockpit of a space ship from the original game and fly inside a giant organism, firing hostile blobs of biomass, and at times even breaking through it. The levels here are vertical and horizontal that vary the gameplay. It is also great help the various bonuses and satellites with different abilities.



Mega title from Capcom. Valiant robot with superpowers purifies the world from other robots that have more evil intentions. The game is just a masterpiece — stunning graphics, non-linear gameplay and new abilities that are obtained after defeating bosses. They will help you to deal with ordinary enemies, and other enemies in the game is fairly interesting.

Mega Man 2


Ideological continuation of the first part, through which the series became popular. The game is much prettier in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay, we should also mention the soundtrack, which can rightly be considered one of the best in the series. Our hero has received new weapons and abilities also have the opportunity to make energy, which, coupled with a password system made the game not as hardcore as the first part.

Metal Gear


Even such a large and ambitious series like Metal Gear, was where to begin with this game (which is actually a port of the original) originates from the popular franchise. Playing for mother commando Solid Snake, you must infiltrate into enemy territory and destroy the top-secret weapon Metal Gear. As in subsequent parts of the series, it was necessary to avoid direct contact with patrols and sentries, so as not to attract attention and to provoke a real grinder.



Great start of the cult game series that spawned a whole genre and became a new word in the platform. Metroid gave the player a large, open world, combining this element with the classic game mechanics of the platformer. Not the last place here plays an interesting hero, or rather heroine — the bounty hunter from the planet Zebes, Samus Aran, and a story that gently takes us on the basis of space pirates, where players get used to the role, gain new skills, allowing them to get into places previously unavailable to them. The goal is to destroy hostile organisms that have terrible skills and are parasites.

Mighty Final Fight


My favorite beat’em up on the NES! The game has a unique charm and is able to fall in love in first sight even on a black and white TV. The plot of the story, shabby — evil guys kidnap the beautiful girl and the team brave guys we need to rescue her from the clutches of the bandits. Includes three colorful fighter, one of whom is the father of the kidnapped girl. Choose to any taste and specifications and enter into an unequal battle. The game is primarily interesting cool system of powerups (powerful special moves is displayed at high levels), beautiful graphics and catchy music and different endings, making the game replayable.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!


Before you take a bite of the ear to Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson managed to win a lot of titles and… become the hero of video games on a large box, revealing it in all its glory. You start the career of a young, unknown fighter and defeating enemies, moving to his dream of becoming a champion (final boss himself is here Tyson). Fight, use tactics, adjust to different fighters and you will win!

Ninja Gaiden

The first part of the cult game series on the popular 80s-themed ninja. The game boasts quite cinematic plot: the young warrior Ryu Hayabusa arrived in America to find out details loss of his father, but he immediately encroached unknown and he has to go through a series of unbelievable events. Ryu’s pretty good with the family sword, and expertly hurls shuriken and other special weapons that are perfectly useful on bosses. Despite the high complexity of the plot and immersive gameplay make you not to leave the game and play it through to the end.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos

Not forced to wait for a sequel to the original part in which there is a new enemy Rue the Emperor of Ashar, kidnapped his girlfriend and building plans for world domination. The game was notably improved in terms of graphics and new features Ryu, allowing him not only to push off from the walls, but also climb on them. Also, there are shadow companions, ninja help you in battle. The rest is the same original, from the brutal difficulty and addictive gameplay.



Like many other NES titles, Paperboy originates from games for arcade machines from Atari. But became famous thanks to the fact that they were developed exclusively in the United States. You ran teenager deliver the inhabitants of the street newspaper on his bike. The gameplay was complicated by the presence of houses, whose residents were not subscribers, impeding pedestrians and hostile dogs. Besides, Newspapers used to end. Graphics, as in all the early games for the NES, was quite modest, but the players did not complain.

R. B. I. Baseball


Baseball games existed before, but R. B. I. Baseball was the first game licensed by Major League baseball that gave her the right to use the names of famous athletes and bring the game to a new level of realism. The characteristics of the players match the performance of the real players that gave the impression of greater authenticity.

R. C. Pro-Am


These vintage races are the ancestor of all isometric racing, especially Mario Kart. All these turbo buildings, bonuses and obstacles came from here. You must win in circuit racing, driving one of four cars involved in the race. On your way you will meet both obstacles and prizes. The latter can be used to upgrade a car to gain an advantage over rivals.



The masterpiece of the arcade classic about monsters, where you play on the evil side. Driving a giant gorilla, lizard or werewolf you have to destroy all the buildings of the city and to repel the attacks of the military trying to stop you. You can play together, creating even more destruction. Almost the same view of the game came on the NES, practically without losing anything in the graphics and gameplay, except that it removed one of the monsters — a werewolf.

River City Ransom


River City Ransom in some ways similar to Super Mario Bros., the main characters resemble Mario and Luigi, born somewhere on the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom. The main characters Alex and Ryan also save the lover of one of them, engaging in combat with evil. Non-linear gameplay implies a lot of fights as melee, and with the help of improvised means falling out of defeated villains. In battle friends are learning the new intake and techniques to defeat bosses and reach the final goal — the beautiful Cindy.

Spy Hunter


In this game you can feel like a real spy (to become James bond), driving around in a luxury car, stuffed with various gadgets. On the highway you catch up and overtake various cars and motorcycle bandits, are trying to bring scores with you. Complicated this action junctions, helicopters and opponents armed with machine guns and artillery.

Super Mario Bros.


None of the top lists will not be without this title the legendary plumber is still in order, Nintendo have created a great series of games on the star platform, as well as his friends. Outrageously simple Princess is kidnapped, evil with impunity walking around the Mushroom Kingdom, and even mocking you. We can do nothing but to roll up our sleeves and go into battle with the bugs, turtles, carnivorous flowers and other evil spirits.

Super Mario Bros. 2


Resounding success of Super Mario Bros. left in the hearts of gamers around the world a void to fill which could only Nintendo. And she did it, giving us the continuing adventures of Mario, much prettier in terms of graphics and gameplay. Now the player could choose one of four characters, each of which has its own abilities. Enemies can pick up and throw directly into the other enemies in the same way, rushing out of the land of turnips, in which sometimes there are different bonuses. The game has become much more complex and interesting.

Super Mario Bros. 3


Great proof that despite the huge success of previous parts of the series, the developers still have something to surprise the players. The game has become bigger, brighter and better than the first two parts, you will have lots of prizes, huge levels, suits for various abilities and more. Graphics on high, gameplay is all too exciting — one of the best games on the NES platform.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game


Turtles came to the NES from the arcade. Console versions were not so cool graphics, but! Included with each game was carefully invested a coupon code to purchase pizza. Based on the original cartoon and appeared already in the genre beat’em up, not a platformer, the game is pleasing gameplay and the ability to play for one of the favorite characters. In TNMT II the sea of baddies and bosses from the cartoon, although some of them were invented by the developers specifically for this game. As before, there is no better pastime for a Friday evening than playing in TNMT II with your friends.



Incredibly simple yet terribly addictive puzzle game, the idea is invented by our compatriot Alexey Pajitnov. Gamers on all platforms and ages know and love her. She most certainly deserves a spot on this list.

The Goonies II


Sequel to the classic adventure-RPG. In the game nonlinear gameplay, and you can go to different worlds, filled with their usual environment, enemies and puzzles, using special doors and stairs. This unique combination of gameplay and the opportunity to explore the world and won the hearts of many gamers.

Legend of Zelda


The developers of Legend of Zelda, should be very proud of his creation. Just imagine the American version of the cartridge was made of gold plastic, as if hinting to players that they are waiting for a mountain of treasure and the game itself is also nothing like a treasure. The players researched the cult world of Hyrule, to punish the eternal villain Ganon, and save Princess Zelda. You had a total of nine caves inhabited by monsters that had to sweat. Besides, this game was the first title for home consoles, which had a built-in battery to store saves.

Vice: Project Doom


Stunning detective Thriller, combining elements of various genres. The event revolves around a secret Corporation, and the strongest drug that has a huge demand on the black market — all this you will learn from a movie scene inserts between levels. Are mixed in the game is really a lot, here and elements of platforming that rivals the complexity of Ninja Gaiden, and NASCAR races in the spirit of Spy Hunter, and elements of shooters. The developers probably relied on it and, of course, not lost.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


After the incredible success of the first part of the adventure of Link, the developers decided to create in no way inferior to the original sequel. Completely revising the gameplay, they released a game that combines elements of side-scrolling and RPG. The task of the player is the same — rescue Princess Zelda, now it needs to awaken from the spell of sleep. Many elements of the game in the future continue (main NPC, Dark Link, the scale of mana), and many of the first part, on the contrary, has been lost, offering players a mix of genres and innovative ideas, which is well-loved series.

What are your favorite NES games, dear readers? Which of them do you associate with your childhood and whether you play them now? Let us know in the comments!

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