The 8 Best Strategy Games for PC Part One

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The PC is just another gaming platform. With the last generation of consoles, the ”compatible” ones have been consolidated as great machines to play. Since their circuits have room for all kinds of games, they are the ”total consoles”. However, there are some genres that seem exclusive to PC, such as MMORPG or strategy, and in this list we will show you which are the best strategy games on PC. Also all fans of retro puzzles can download a puzzle application here on your phone.

Within the whole catalogue of available video games, nowadays strategy games are the ones that still seem exclusive to PC because they are controlled with keyboard and mouse. This is because, although attempts have been made to adapt control to the controller, the precision of the keyboard+mouse combination, as well as the shortcuts with the keys, is unparalleled in controllers.

It’s a genre that has helped define the PC as a gaming platform, and there are some tremendously important strategy titles in electronic sports. All in all, it’s a very important veteran genre, and below we’ll look at the best PC strategy games.

But before we go over our selection, let’s first clarify what a strategy game is. Depending on who we ask, DOTA 2 or League of Legends can be considered strategy games, when they are really more action-oriented, both because of the approach of a single controllable character and because of the skills of each one.

That said, let’s look at the top 10 PC strategy games, which include RTS, management strategy, combat, heroes or large-scale strategy. And let’s start with a game that, besides being very up-to-date, is a true classic.


Civilization VI

Year 2016

We’re back to a game that’s in the news, as a new expansion has just been released for it, but it’s a totally different game from Blizzard. We’re going from real-time strategy to turn-based strategy.

Inside the PC, Civilization is another of those mythical sagas, since the good one of Sid Meier is the architect (well, of this saga and of so many others). It is a saga that invites us to create cities and expand our empire, both by the map and in time.

It’s one of those games to spend a good number of hours, since the progress is slow (despite the fast speed we can select), but it’s also the most rewarding.

It’s complicated because we have to take into account many things, like negotiations with other cities, but it also rewards us when we advance correctly.

It also has something very funny, which are the deities or leaders, different figures that can configure our line of action … or not. Can you imagine Gandhi developing the H-bomb? Well, in Civilization VI, a civilization that has Gandhi, can make them in trouble.

It’s one of the best PC strategy games, and if you’ve ever heard of “one more turn and I’ll quit”, it’s Civilization’s “fault”.


Command and Conquer The Ultimate Collection

Year 2012

We continue with classic games updated. This time, unfortunately, we can’t talk about a HD remake or remaster, since it’s not such, but simply a driver update to make the games go in the latest versions of Windows. However, there is a remaster of the original Command and Conquer on the way.

But let’s get on with it. Electronic Arts has not treated too well the mythical Westwood strategy saga that, in fact, began to decline after the purchase of the studio by EA, but at least we have a compilation that, although it needs patches to be in Spanish, allows us to enjoy some of the best strategy games of all time.

In this pack we have 17 games among which we find the original Command and Conquer, Red Alert 1 and 2, Tibarian Sun and Command and Conquer 3, games that allow us to enjoy real-time strategy at its best.

The system is similar to other games, such as Age of Empires (after the C&C saga), and we must collect, build and fight. We have online gameplay and several campaigns to enjoy the fight between the Allies and the Soviets, as well as the one between NOD and the GDI, depending on the games we choose.

These are very, very good titles, and if we want more, we have others to choose from like Generals and its expansion, Red Alert 3 or Tiberian Twilight, as well as Renegade, a first-person shooter based on the franchise.

The edition is a little botched since, as we say, you have to download patches from the community to play them in the language they originally came in, but once they are configured, we have many hours of fun.



Year 2018

This is one of the latest games on this list of the best strategy games for PC, and it has earned itself a place here.

The game is set in 1886 and is an alternate game in which we control a group of survivors who have to cope with adverse conditions in order to get ahead.

Graphically, it stands out for its design, as it has a retropunk style that suits it perfectly, and it also has a very successful technical section.

It is a different proposal, more focused on survival, but if you like strategy games, you can’t miss it.

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