The 8 Best Strategy Games for PC Part Two

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Hi, gamers!

This is the Part Two of our top 8 strategies on PC! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Part One and also make sure that you drink enough with using the water tracker free.

Stronghold: Crusader

Year 2002

One of the best PC strategy games of all time is Stronghold: Crusader, and it is so for a reason as simple as it has the most realistic approach to the Middle Ages that we can find. It also has the exact percentage of management and mass combat.

It is, as we have said, a military strategy set in the Middle Ages, during the Crusades. In the game we must overcome a series of missions, although we can also play freely to build a large castle to our liking.

The best thing is that there is a variety of units and, above all, they can fight dozens at a time, but also the system of creating these units. Everything follows a logical chain. For example, to have a good castle, we must have resources, so you have to have different warehouses (food and other supplies) and production chains.

To make bread, we need a wheat farm, a mill, a bakery and a warehouse, and the same goes for leather or steel, with their respective sources of raw materials, of course. It is great fun to see the different ”messengers” between one post and another, and it is very rewarding because everything works as it should in real life.

It’s a shame we don’t have a story mode, but for a little while, it’s a really good game.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

Year 2001

Speaking of ”old” games, we must go back to 2001 to find one of the best strategy games of all time. In Commandos, we don’t control an army, battalions or individual units, but a series of characters with unique characteristics and abilities.

They are an elite group of Allies, and must sabotage the plans of Nazi Germany on several fronts. This is a spectacular production that will take us to different scenarios all over the front, as well as recreate some of the scenes from the most iconic movies that have been filmed about the Second World War.

We have to think carefully about every move because, even if it’s in real time, we have to take each advance calmly so that the Germans don’t discover us.

World in Conflict

Year 2007

Before Massive was part of Ubisoft, and developed The Division, with its spectacular Snowdrop graphic engine, they launched together with Sierra and Vivendi one of the best real-time strategy games that we can enjoy on PC.

It is a war game set in 1989, in an alternative past that presents us with a Third World War between NATO and the Soviet Union. The USSR decides to invade the United States, and there the conflict escalates.

The graphic engine is spectacular, and the level of strategy is quite deep, since we have all kinds of units at our disposal, allowing us to create the most entertaining combats.

Even if it’s a bit old and the graphic engine doesn’t shine today as it did twelve years ago, it’s still worth it.

Ashes of the Singularity

Year 2016

If you’re a technology enthusiast, you probably follow the benchmarks or processor performance tests. If so, you’ve probably heard of this game.

It requires fairly advanced hardware to work properly, and is so CPU demanding that its benchmark is used to measure the power of the processors.

It was the first game developed for DirectX 12, so it takes advantage of high-end hardware. But what is it about? It’s mainly about combat strategy, which encourages us to engage in large-scale combat, with hundreds of units on screen, creating brutal action.

It’s not the best of its kind, but it does reward those players who simply seek to emulate the experience of certain sci-fi movies where there’s action aplenty.

The Banner Saga

Year 2013

And we reach the end of this list of the best strategy games for PC with The Banner Saga, the first installment of a spectacular trilogy that tells us about the Nordic mythology and presents a rich story in a very successful turn-based strategy game.

There is decision making, but most of the time we will spend fighting in different scenarios with a board layout (organized in cells) in which we must make the best possible move to finish off our enemies without them touching us.

It’s quite complicated, but when we invest a little time and we know all the skills, strengths and weaknesses of our characters, it’s a lot of fun. It also has an audiovisual section to take your hat off.

These are the best strategy games for PC. Obviously, we left a lot of them in the ink, like Empire Earth or Rise of Nations, but we tried to have the most important ones of each genre represented here

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