Try Best Retro Video Game Consoles

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If you’re passionate about video games, but miss your childhood, or if you’re young and have heard about video games that were connected to the TV from people older than you, and stars came together and your horoscope told you its time, now you have the opportunity to re-enter the world of video games.

The experts bring us the re-editions of these mystical consoles, and as this is a field that awakens fanaticism for one or another, it is impossible to choose a favorite; since we will surely want to get all of them!

How to choose a retro game console?

Here, the love and memory you have for each console prevails, since the operation of all of them is similar. They have a central unit which has the games pre-installed, an HDMI port for HD quality sound and video, one or two controllers to interact in the game, and a USB cable (with or without a power charger, depending on the model and brand) for power supply.

The models are usually faithful replicas of the original consoles, some retaining the original size and others in a reduced version (mini). Some of them allow you to use the old game cartridges that you have saved, although most offer the most popular games that marked an era and pre-installed in the memory of the console itself. As a novelty, they allow you to save your video game games so that you can interrupt the fun whenever you want and resume the game at another time in the same place you had left it.

The C64 Mini

More than 35 years after its launch this personal computer, which triumphed in the world market with its mythical 64 Kb of RAM memory, returns with a well achieved retro version and a good catalogue of games.

The console has been reduced to half its original size to be more comfortable but it maintains the essence that led it to success. It connects directly to the TV with a USB cable and has 64 games pre-installed, some as legendary as Brutal Deluxe, Paradroid and Impossible Mission.

In addition to the small keyboard that comes as standard, The C64 Mini has a joystick that connects to one of the two USB ports that are available.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini

This system, manufactured and distributed by Nintendo in 1986, is an exact replica of the original Nintendo Nes system but in a miniature version.

You can see all the details like the power and reset buttons, and the ports to connect the classic controllers of this video game console are an exact replica of those manufactured by the brand back in the 80s of last century.

It’s a pity that with all the luxury of details that it brings, the old cartridges of this console can’t be used, so we have to make do with the 30 games pre-installed in the memory without the possibility of installing other games, although with the advantage of being able to save the games to recover them whenever we want.

The connection to the TV is a Plug and Play type, which through an HDMI cable included transmits the video and audio from the main unit to the screen in HD, but always respecting the format of the graphics of the classic games of this console. The electrical connection is made through a USB to plug into the TV or an external charger not included.

It should also be noted that the console comes with a single controller and if you want a second unit you have to buy it separately.

Pre-installed games include the Super Mario Bros. saga, the famous Pac-Man, the popular gorilla Donkey Kong and Zelda, not to mention Ice Climber, Eskimos climbing from level to level and the motocross game Excite Bike. All classics of the first order.

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