Your Most Memorable Gaming Moment

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I’ve been gaming for going on two decades now. I didn’t own my own console until mid-1995 when I got a SNES Donkey Kong Country console bundle as a gift, but I had been playing games long before, back into the Commodore 64 days. I still remember being obsessed with the tune in Burger Time and getting excited by the “explosiveness” that was Commando (and who can forget that epic Commando tune? See below). I have plenty of amazing memories from my gaming past, but my most memorable probably come from within the last fifteen years.

It’s hard to forget the conclusion to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, a game I still consider to be one of the hardest I’ve ever played. Not only did that game look amazing for the time, but also it was devilishly fun and addictive, and the tag-team of Diddy and Dixie made for some awesome platforming action. Completing the castle level is no easy task, and I’ll never forget the day I finally beat King K. Rool. An achievement in gaming I most certainly will never, ever forget.

My most memorable? It’s probably a tie between three very important gaming moments in my life:

The Dreamcast Launch: The US launch of the Dreamcast is, without a doubt, the most hyped, talked about and anticipated launch in the history of video games. Even being in Australia didn’t stop me from feeling the heat. The Dreamcast launch also introduced me to a number of online communities, rarities back in 1999 as the internet was only beginning to border mainstream. I didn’t get my hands on a Dreamcast until a few months later (Play-Asia didn’t exist back then!) and I’ll never forget the countless dreams I had of the console. Did it live up to the hype? Yes, and then some. It’s still my most cherished console to date.

Resident Evil 4: The entire experience that was RE4 is something that will stick with me long into my life. The very first RE4 videos showcased amazing visuals and slick gameplay, and while the final product changed significantly from those videos, the changes seem to have been for the best; larger environments, quicker gameplay and more action! Resident Evil 4 is the definitive third-person survival horror game. Brilliant, memorable and satisfying.

Killer7 Ending: Killer7 is not a game for everyone. I repeat. Killer7 is NOT a game for everyone. It’s driven by a complex (incoherent?) narrative, crazy characters and unique on-rails FPS control mechanics. The story was as crazy as it was difficult to understand; plot points involving drug dealing, human trafficking, child abuse, government conspiracies and assignations all led into an absolutely outrageous ending that must be applauded for its ambition. The closing cutscenes that show a crazed main character moving from hotel room to hotel room, slowly picking off victims in wait, offered a chilling and memorable conclusion to a strange experience.

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